Miniature Goats for sale- Registered breeder

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  • Price: $ 350.00
  • Price Excludes GST ($385.00 Inc GST)
  • Qty: 1 Head
    Unit Price: $ 350.00
  • Location: Bendick Murrell, South West Slopes, NSW/ACT
  • Listed on: 25/09/2019 21:18PM
  • Listing No.: 61731 (1465 views)
  • Date Sold: 25/03/2020 11:43AM
More Information
  • Breed: Australian Miniature Goats
  • Age: mixed
  • Average Live Weight: for pets/breeding/milking only

I have Miniature weaned babies for pets...Adult friendly Does registered for breeding...Miniature Milkers...Registered Starter Herd...Bottle Babies.
Miniature Goats make great pets and also are interesting to breed for the downsizing genetics. Mini Milkers can give you up to 2lts of milk a day. Goats are similar as pets to a dog, but they mow your lawn and fertilise it.
We have the oldest and largest Miniature Goat Stud in NSW 'Samittar Miniature Goats' for full info on what is currently for sale....prices reduced due to the drought.

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Miniature Goats for sale- Registered breeder
  • Miniature Goats for sale- Registered breeder


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