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MAREMMA Puppy- Female

$600.00 + GST($660.00 Inc. GST)

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Quantity : 1 Unit
Unit Price : $600.00 + GST  ($660.00 Inc. GST)
Status : For Sale
Location : Berriwillock, Mallee, VIC
Category : Livestock, Dogs
Listing Date : 28/07/2022, 12:33pm


Listed by: Private

Breed: Maremma

Average Live Weight: 20kg

DOB: 14-03-2022

Is Vaccinated: Yes

Last Vaccinated On: 05-03-2022

BRN: MB150384

Micro Chip Number: 956000012847138

Sweet personality, very gentle maremma female puppy called 'pup pup', she has been trained intensively with poultry since 5 weeks of age and most recently with goats, suitable for acreage only - one female pup remaining (her sister daisy was available but is going to live with her brother now). Suburban areas are not suitable due to the working characteristics of these dogs, proof of rural land ownership will be required for all applicants. Located in vic but travel to SA monthly. Please do not enquire unless you own rural land with no small dogs present.

Parents are working poultry guardians. Pups' father tex is a stern parent whom has assisted me with training the pups since they were old enough to walk into the poultry pens. If they chase, he scolds them severely. Some are smart and have quickly ran out of the pen before he enters and escaped his wrath, but there are always the class clowns who are too busy being disruptive to dad's poultry and they are roared at by their terrifying large alpha father. Game over for playtime with dad's poultry...

Puppies have been praise trained since 5 weeks of age with constant positive reinforcement, several times during each twice daily poultry feed times. Pups are not worked for long (15 mins max) and i do not allow pups to work during 'naughty hour'. They are taught one word only, 'sit' and with hand on side of belly to reinforce the word 'sit' to mean 'be calm, relax, stop, we're working'. This is the only word they are taught initially - it is easy for the pups to hear and respond to.

They respond well to a confident, calm and caring human shepherd. They are a handful as they approach 7 months of age when they reach adolescence, this is when to read the dogs' behaviour and do not work the dog if it is not listening, take the path of least resistance and continue to constantly reinforce praise. Teaching them praise creates confident and competent working dogs. They are not going to learn anything being shoved into a paddock with livestock with no interaction with their human shepherd. Dogs left to fend for themselves with no human interaction tend to become dehumanised and wild, with no transferable skill set.

We are their teacher and daily companion in the first 18 months, but their lifelong daily companion after they have mastered their role. They can be very difficult to train due to their independence, but if you learn to read their behaviour and praise them continually then it's easy to train them, they already know what to do and they love praise in the form of pats, stroking their face and body rubs! They know what 'clever pup pup' and 'good girl' mean.

Some owners use a zipline technique to continue training but a simple separate dog pen is recommended to allow the pup to become used to their new flock. A harness is a good idea to get the pup used to initial walks around the farm boundary, then the harness can be used to introduce the flock to the pup. Introduce the dog for short increments with the flock and gradually increase this time daily. The pups have never seen sheep so gradual introduction will be required, same for goats etc. Dogs need to interact with their flock so that they become familiar with their scent, movement and sounds.

Please be aware that female maremmas can be quite a handful during adolescence, can be very dominant and do not play nicely with small dog breeds. My female is very protective and dominant and so are her female pups.

Maremmas love daily human interaction but they should never ever be allowed inside and kept as an indoor pet. Females especially become very aggressive over their flock and they develop dysfunctional and aggressive behaviours if kept as indoor pets.

They are experts are reading body language and are highly intelligent and perceptive animals.Maremmas are aloof by nature and solitary.
They are already very confident and competent poultry guardians.

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