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Total 10 listings

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Access a Wide Network Of Buyers and Sellers of Forestry Equipment for Sale Online

Foresters rely on varieties of tools and equipment to cut and process trees. From delimbing and removing tree stumps to various landscaping tasks and carrying logs, foresters require a wide range of machinery for different jobs.

Besides serving farm businesses, we also cover other sectors like forestry by extending a multitude of forestry equipment for sale. Whether you look for a wood chipper, stump grinder, cherry picker, or mulcher, we bring everything you need from all across the country. Check our listings and seal your deal now!

From Latest Model To Older Version, Explore Varieties at Farmtender

Finding it difficult to get used forestry equipment? Picking up new models isn’t an easy task either- right?

But at Farmtender, this isn’t a problem at all! We offer you both the latest models of new machines as well as used products if you want to keep your expenses low. Excellent condition Rayco RG1635 Super JR Commercial Stump Grinder, Forestry AHWI FM600 Profi Mulcher, and other branded equipment from Agrifarm, Bandit, King Kutter, and whatnot- get what you need at the best possible price.

No matter if you are in NSW, Queensland, WA, SA, Victoria, or any other place, we ensure timely delivery of products from our reliable and trustworthy suppliers. Don’t worry we don’t impose any extra charges- just pay for the product- that’s it!

Buy at a Reasonable Price Or Make Profit By Selling Out

Selling is as simple as buying in Farmtender.

We allow making money by selling off your used forestry equipment to someone who needs it. Just post an ad for free on our ‘For Sale’ and wait to receive a quote online. Experience hassle-free sales and pay only a minimum rate after a successful sale.

Moreover, we further categorize our pages and allow you to add filters to make your search easy. Choose a location or district to make it more precise. Post wanted an ad for free to look for a specific model or simply browse through the listing on the ‘For Sale’ page to get what you want.

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