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Using effective and top-notch farm equipment is not always enough to boost farm productivity. You do need to feed your soil with proper nutrition, and that’s when mulching is required to keep your soil happy.

Mulching is a life-changing and pest-fighting hack, and pea straw is one of those mulches ideal for stimulating growth and insulating roots from extreme weather. It is the stem of the pea plant grown for cattle feed and for boosting nitrogen levels in the soil. The pea straw is then bundled into bales after the peas are harvested into a round or square shape.

If you want to feed your soil with one and looking for high-grade pea straw for sale, then Farm Tender is the place to go. We make selling and buying easy for all by covering every part of Australia, be it Victoria, NSW, or other regions.

Get Quality Bales of Pea Straw at Farm Tender

Pea straw mulch is a great soil conditioner that is highly beneficial for the soil. Besides improving nitrogen levels, it also helps in suppressing weeds, encouraging soil microbial activities, increasing water retention, and offering protection against soil erosion.

Looking for a 100% organic pea straw at a reasonable price? Then Farm Tender is the perfect place to look for. We here offer small and large both square and round pea straw bales for sale. Farm Tender is a dedicated platform that makes both stocking up and getting rid of excess pea straw hassle-free.

Be A Seller or A Buyer Through Farm Tender

Not just quality products, we do provide an exclusive opportunity of being both a buyer and a seller at our platform. Browse through our listing on the ‘For Sale’ page and get extensive ranges of pea straw for sale from independent farmers, as well as agricultural businesses from all over Australia.

You can even post your specific requirement on our ‘Wanted’ page as well. The sellers would quote their price based on the description you have provided. And, the best part is- we don’t even charge a penny to the buyers- we only charge a minimum cost after every successful sale from the seller.

It’s really simple to buy and sell at Farm Tender. And, with a successful sale worth $25,000,000 along with over 56,000 happy members we look forward to building a more extended family in years to come. Join us now!

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