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Worksafe on the prowl with Farm Quadbike safety

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Mar 13, 2018

Australia’s leading voice for farmers urges Victorian farmers to get quadbike protection now as Worksafe inspector’s ramp up on-farm safety inspections this month.

The Victorian Farmers Federation President David Jochinke warns, “Victorian farmers have had access to quadbike rebates for over 16 months, through the VFF with funding from WorkSafe”.

“WorkSafe are now ramping up farm safety inspections this month with inspectors adding quadbikes to the safety audit checklist. These inspector’s will be assessing the tasks that quadbikes perform on-farm and the terrain they are operate in to determine risk of roll over”, said Mr Jochinke.

If WorkSafe inspectors find the tasks and terrain performed by a quadbike are not safe, then the farm owner may be issued with an improvement notice.

The VFF administered quadbike protection rebate program has to-date provided 3059 farmers with rebates either for purchasing a safer option or to have rollover protection devices fitted to existing bikes.

Mr Jochinke said, “Through the rebate program, we have allocated nearly $2.75million in funds to farmers in Victoria however we know there are many farmers out there still riding quadbikes without protection”.

“With about 20% of farm deaths occurring each year due to quadbike rollovers, we can only encourage farmers to consider any means to reduce this risk”.

“As farmers we have to do everything we can to reduce the appalling rate of death and serious injury across our industry”.

“Assessing how we can reduce risks of quadbike related injuries is just one easy step we can all take as farmers to protect our families and workers”.  The rebate program is ongoing until September 2018. To find out more and to apply for a quadbike rebate please call 1300 882 833 or go to