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Winemaker says competing against other Agri brands is pointless

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Dec 15, 2017

Our weekly shopping lists today look increasingly like a degustation menu and, with the modern consumer eating such a variety of products, Jim Barry wines owner and managing director Peter Barry believes there should be room enough for all Australian agribusinesses to have a place in our diet.

A week in the diet of a modern Australian probably includes a variety of protein-based food, dairy or dairy substitutes, plus a mix of salads, smoothies and wines – all provided in some way by agribusinesses.

According to long established brand Jim Barry Wines, agribusiness brands need to recognise that consumers will drink different people’s wines and eat different people’s food.

“The most important thing is we don’t have to compete against the Barossa,” explains Peter Barry.

“Barossa vineyards are lucky in that they make a Barossa style and we make a Clare style. You’ve got to remember that a consumer is going to drink different people’s wines, so you don’t have to own the consumer. As long as you form part of the consumer’s diet, that’s all you require. Once a week they eat red meat, they drink a bottle of Clare Riesling; you’re part of the diet, you’re happy with that.”
Promotion over competition

For Barry, establishing a place on a consumer’s menu is not as much about going against other categories and subcategories as it is about promoting your category first to gain awareness.

“The first thing you do is promote Australian wine against the rest of the world, against Spain, against Argentina,” says Barry. “Then once people understand that, you get down to maybe promoting South Australia for example, and then you come down to promoting the region, and then after that you come down to promoting your own wine.”

When you have category awareness then you need to know what you stand for and promote that brand, rather than worrying about everyone else, he adds. The next task is promoting your brand so you’re on the consumer’s radar.

Comments Barry: “Between 1970 and 1980 there were around 500 wineries in Australia. Today there’s 2000, 2500. So you’ve got to establish a brand in someone’s life. We’ve established a brand based on quality and consistency.”
Bulk to brand

Today, the Jim Barry brand is internationally recognised – but it wasn’t always that way.

Building the brand was a personal dream of Peter’s, having inherited a business that sold wine in bulk to other labels.

“When I meet people, they say, ‘You’ve got a famous winery,’” explains Barry. “But when I started in 1982, we sold very little branded wine, and sold most of it as bulk to other winemakers who required quality wine. My journey in life fr...
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