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Will DEXA work?

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Jul 13, 2017

DEXA - Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry technology is hailed as the tool that could take Sheep and Cattle production to the next level. It could also bring producers and processors much closer together.

In a game where trust is limited and different interests and outcomes are sought, having an independent and standard carcass measuring tool may be hard to get across the line.

Reason? Because some parties might get exposed and when you think you might be exposed then you will be against it. Case in point, look as ASBV's in the sheep industry, why haven't they taken off as an industry standard? Becuase many feel they will be exposed, especially those in the seed stock industry where alot of dollars are at stake. The sheep industry still pretty much runs as it did 30 years ago, where terminologies to describe animals is still the same and talking the talk is still a means to stay ahead of reality.

DEXA which measures each carcass individually and the data gets fed back to the relevant parties so they can then go ahead and make decisions about what they produce.

Data is what will take our Ag industry to the next level. DEXA could reshape the red meat industry if it get a chance.....