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What I learned about Farming in the US - By Dwain Duxson

  • By: Dwain Duxson
  • Jul 05, 2017

My Family and I have just returned to Australia after setting up the Farm Tender sister site 55 Farms. The Family has been here for four months and myself about seven months.

We started 55 Farms in November and at the time of writing have around 4000 Farmer and Rancher members. We have four employees and over 1400 live listings. The model is the same as Farm Tender with a few tweaks to suit the local market

It's been a great learning process for all of us and I have learned so much about dealing with US and Canadian Farmers.

Here are some of the things I have learned:
* You need to employ locals who can relate to the Farmers and Ranchers here
* The farming lingo is completely different
* The market and the opportunity is massive, and the distances are large
* There is nothing like our model here in the US or Canada, and that's exciting
* It will take time to establish ourselves here, but we are starting to see some good uptake
* Driving over here is something you get used to
* Ag Data is the new gold here, and companies are clambering for Farmers data
* The US is ahead of Australia in some areas and vice versa
* There seems to be fewer regulations and laws in the US. You will see a motorcyclist riding the interstate at 90mph without a helmet on
* The phone acoustics are terrible, and they struggle to understand what I am saying
* I think farming is a little less challenging from a climatic point of view in most areas of the US and Canada as they don’t have the evaporation that Australia has
* Cattle and grain farmers have been doing it tough for the last two years due to prices with the bright light being Soybeans
* Farmers and Ranchers are also concerned about the cost of inputs here
* I am amazed by the amount of machinery that is constantly kept out in the open
* It's a great spot to live, and the people are friendly and are more than happy to help%

Picture is of the rich fertile soils that run for thousand of miles through the Mid West Corn belt