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Welcome to "Prime" Ag News

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Jul 03, 2017

Welcome to the first article for our new "Prime" Ag News platform

How is "Prime" Ag News going to work?

It will be a platform for "fast" news, news that is breaking or trending delivered quickly and up to date. It will also cater for "long" news, the articles that tell more of a story.

"Prime" Ag News will be strictly news that is only related to Agriculture.

We will be writing our own articles and we will also be inviting you to contribute as well. We will be asking other key influencers in the Ag space to write for us too. We are going to let our imagination run wild and it will all evolve as we move along and promise to be a little different.

We have a ready-built audience of 22,500 members at the time of writing.

Currently, "Prime" Offers and Ag News will be free to all Farm Tender members and in time we will be changing over to a subscription model once we feel we have built up an appropriate level of value. Charging a small subscription fee will allow us to invest heavily in "Prime" to bring you even more as we move along.

Back to "Prime" Ag News. Why are we doing it? We think there is a great opportunity in this space. Rural and local papers are still number 1 and we don't think that will change anytime soon. But we do think one day they will take them away and that's probably another story in itself.

So we would appreciate your feedback, suggestions and if you have anything to contribute either through an article or a press release you can submit it on the "Prime" Ag News page.

You can also contact me, Dwain Duxson 0427 011 900 or