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WA Harvest exceeding expectations - CBH

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Dec 15, 2017

Location     This week (mt)  This seaosn (mt)
Albany          630,000             2,730,000
Esperance    361,000              2,520,000
Geraldton     120,000              1,480,000
Kwinana      1,000,000           4,800,000
CBH TOTAL 2,111,000            11,170,000

The CBH Group has increased its crop estimate for the 2017-18 harvest to between 12.7 million tonnes and 13.2 million tonnes.

It is the second time CBH has revised up this harvest’s crop estimate, having started at between 9.5 million tonnes and 10 million tonnes in September 2017.

“It’s fair to say that this year’s harvest has exceeded our expectations, particularly in the southern part of the state,” CBH General Manager Operations David Capper said.

Rain has again been a feature the past week for many areas of the state and CBH will closely monitor for sprouting and make available any falling number units if needed.

“Sites in some part of the state are starting to wind down as we head into Christmas however there are many sites that will remain busy up to and after Christmas.

“If you are still going, please get in touch with your local CBH site or the CBH website to find out opening times in the lead up to and immediately after Christmas”.

“I’d like to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and New Year, and remind everyone to take care on the roads over this busy period.”

The Albany Zone received 630,000 tonnes over the past week taking total receivals for the year to 2.37 million tonnes. As a comparison at the same date last year the zone had received 2.1 million tonnes.

Following large volumes of grain received over the week when 240,000 tonnes was delivered, we again received rain on the Monday which has considerably slowed harvest progress. Rainfall between 1- 60mm was received and while some growers were able to start harvest the next day, others, particularly those in the south of the zone will have up to several days delays before recommencing harvest programs.

“While the full impact on quality will not be fully determined until harvest is back up and running, it’s expected there will be some downgrading of wheat and monitoring of grain through falling number units that have been set up,” Albany Zone Manager Greg Thornton.

Some growers are either finished or close to winding up harvest programs. Overall the zone is only 75 per cent towards harvest estimate and it is expected harvest will continue into the New Year.

It was another week of the same weather pattern, with good weather over the weekend followed by rain on Monday.
Most growers in the Esperance Zone have been able to finish their harvest programs or are only left with a day or two of harvest.

However there is still a large amount of grain stored on farm which has yet to come into the system but hopefully that will happen over the next week.

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