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Vietnam beer boom helping WA Farmers

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Jul 05, 2017

A Vietnam beer boom is good news for WA Barley Grower who have gained access to this part of Asia upon the opening of the regions largest malting facility.

Beer is the drink of choice for the county's vibrant youth, making up 95 percent of total alcohol consumed.

Milling company Interflour opened it's $70 million facility just recently, Interflour is part owned by WA grain Cooperative the CBH Group.

It looks like a massive market for WA Farmers with beer brand Heineken alone already securing 42,000 tonnes of Malt Barley to be processed

Australia is rapidly becoming the world's biggest exporter of Malt Barley with about 40 percent of the local crop destined for overseas markets.

WA is the largest barley producer of all the states with around $900 million worth grown on average each year