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Upgraded Farm Tender app now includes "Prime" Ag Centre and Ag News

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Jan 24, 2018

We have done a major upgrade to our Apple and Android app. To download, go to your app store and look for an update or search Farm Tender.

Note 1 - Once you download and you are not logged in or registered, please do so to view the contents
Note 2 - If you have forgotten you login details please call, text or email us. Our contact details are on the front page of the website. 

New Features
We have added "Prime" to the app in the form of "Prime" Ag Centre (PAC) and "Prime" Ag News (PAN). We have added our "Prime" Monthly Members (PMM) option as well but more about that next week.

Figure 1 - In the Farm Tender section, when you enquire on any listing you will now receive the other persons contact details on the screen (Red arrow). You can also call directly from the screen

Figure 2 - This is the Ag Centre listings page. You can also ask for a quote (Green arrow) on any item you spend your money on, we will then follow it up. Things like Chem, Fert, Animal Health, Fencing, Irrigation, General Merch, Livestock Equipment, Machinery & Equipment, etc. We have access to 1000's of products

Figure 3 - This is an example of one of the Ag Centre listings, you will see two prices (Red arrow), a PMM price and an RRP price. PMM's can buy at the discount price, non-PMM's can buy at the RRP. You can enquire either by commenting, calling or emailing (Green arrow)

Figure 4 - This is an example of one of our articles in Ag News. I have also highlighted the category (Yellow arrow) and keyword (Green arrow) search. You can search any Farm Tender or Ag Centre listing or any Ag News Category

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