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Total Clearance of 168 Bulls at Te Mania Angus Autumn Bull Sale

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Mar 14, 2018

168 bulls offered, 168 sold, for an average of $8,726. Sale high: $32,000. Gross: $1,465,968

By Nicola Bell

A total clearance of 168 bulls and a top of $32,000 was recorded at Te Mania Angus’ annual bull sale last week.

The exceptionally even line up of bulls attracted a large crowd of 174 bidders registered on property and on AuctionsPlus.

The top priced bull, Lot 49, Te Mania Malin M170, was purchased by Elizabeth Roche of Arden Angus, Adelong, NSW for $32,000.  This striking son of Te Mania Jerilderie J10 impressed with good frame, body length, and balance, with growth figures in the top 1% of the breed for 200D (+104), 600D (+139) and IMF% of +3.9.

In total, six bulls sold for more than $18,000, and each were in the top 1 per cent of the Angus Breed for the four Selection Indexes which target returns of profitability for commercial beef producers.

“This is exactly what our progeny testing is all about – testing and identifying future sires with balanced EBVs – to produce high growth, high meat quality, structurally sound cattle. An extra $1 Index value contributes an extra $1 per calf for that particular market,” Te Mania’s Tom Gubbins said.

Perseverance and patience prevailed for Ian MacLeod of Wahgunyah, Woodstock, who held on until Lot 159, to purchase the second top priced bull, Te Mania Morell M1425, for $28,000. This bull, which is also suited to heifers, was in the top 1% of the breed for growth and IMF%. Ian also purchased Lot 147 Te Mania Metro M916 by GAR Twinhearts for $10,000.

Return clients Colin Flanagan, along with Property Manager, Alistair Watson of Granite Ridge, Kingston SE, SA, purchased Lot 26, Te Mania Mortlake M1484, by Te Mania Garth G67. This bull was also in the top 1% of the breed for all four breed $Indexes and for 200D, 400D and 600D growth, EMA and Days to Calving.
Colin commented he was just what they were looking for to advance their breeding program.

Granite Ridge had enormous success with their previous purchase, Te Mania Foe F734, who sired two sale toppers, including record-breaking Granite Ridge Kaiser K26, who sold for $52,000 in 2016.

Dr John Cleeland of King Island purchased Lot 11, Te Mania Montalto M1314, by Te Mania Berkley B1, for $26,000. This bull is another excellent carcase bull in the top 1% for the breed $Indexes, Days to Calving, Scrotal Size and IMF%.

Roderic O’Connor of Connorville Station, Cressy, Tasmania, purchased Lot 36, Te Mania Macalister M6, by Te Mania Jolson J1337, for $25,000. With standout EBVs across the board, J1337 has high calving ease, bending the growth curve from BWt of +3.6 to 600DW of $125, SS of +3.3 and IMF of 3.9%. A powerful bull with all indexes in the top 1% of the breed.

Roderic also purchased Lot 13, Te Mania Matchmaker M588, by Te Mania Garth G67, for $13,000.

Many of the 79 successful bidders, were long term repeat purchasers including Mike and Andrea McCulloch, Penshurst; Russell Cleeland, Westley Investments; Matt Shea, Barfold; Prowse family, Violet Town; Bernie and Claire Evans, Benalla; Morella Ag, Goondiwindi; Ardenside, Tooma, Tim Scott, Table Top Angus, Albury and Tony and Elizabeth Landy, Tarwin Lower.

TRT, King Island were the major volume buyer purchasing 15 bulls for their King Island operations.

Seven sons of the extensively progeny tested Te Mania Berkley B1 sold for an average of $11,400, and 17 sons of Te Mania Garth G67 sold for $10,400. Up and coming sires Te Mania Jolson J1337 had three sons who sold for an average of $13,000 and Te Mania Kirk K226 had 35 sons who sold for $9,117.

Picture - Sale high, Lot 49, Te Mania Malin M170 purchased by Betty Roche, Arden Angus, Adelong for $32,000 pictured with Tom Gubbins, Gerard Ryan and Hamish McFarlane