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This weeks Farm Tender Newsletter - The Great Farming Areas of Australia

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Jul 14, 2017

My first trip to the Darling Downs in 10 years got me thinking (I do alot) what a wonderful, unique farming area it is. Those black soils, the neat farms, the straight lines and no fences, impressive. Australia is full of unique Farming areas and I will run through a few. The New England, with its high altitude and rugged terrain, is a top notch grazing area of the country.

The Liverpool Plains is similar to the Darling Downs and then the Wimmera which also has those magic black soils but a completely different climate to the other black soil areas. The Eyre Peninsula with it's diversity and usually reliable rainfall (not this year). Gippsland is so diverse and in a little pocket surrounded by sea and mountains on each side. The Mid North in SA, where the average rainfall drops off an inch a mile near the Goyder line. The SA and Vic Mallee is an amazing place to Farm, more opportunistic but when they have a bit of luck, it can be super productive.

The Wheat belt in WA, where they grow crops on sand is a vast area. The Riverina which is the most diverse farming area in Australia and highly productive. Tassies Midlands, how it is transforming from traditional fine wool sheep to irrigation with Dairys and Irrigated crops is interesting to watch unfold. There are heaps of others, tell us about your favourite Farming area

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We saw a bit of last minute urea demand as farmer plan the cropping run home. Hay demand lifted again from last week, but prices remain pretty much the same. There is still alot of stock around and clearing it will take time. We sold some good grain parcels again and we are still looking for grain to fill orders. The price dipped in the US late last week but rebounded early this week. On the Machinery side we sold a couple of decent sized seeders out of season. Machinery sales were very diverse and widespread this last week with not real trends emerging. See what sold here

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