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This invention will help prevent those Header fires

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Nov 28, 2017

In recent seasons, farmers have experienced a significant increase in header fires, which are leading to higher insurance premiums.

The fires are believed to be caused by a build up of dust and debris that accumulate in hot spots such as the engine bay, exhaust manifold, battery or rotor shaft. Fires are also reported to be more common in pulse crops such as lentils, vetch and chickpeas.

When a harvester fire does occur it can have a devastating impact on your farming operations. Even if the harvester is properly insured, it results in significant downtime, potential crop losses and there is a major risk of injury or death to the operator.

To prevent this, operators typically stop their harvester every few hours to remove the build up. This is a major inconvenience, particularly when weather is unpredictable and getting the harvest completed quickly is paramount.

To address this problem, hydraulics and engineering specialists Horsham Hydraulics developed the Tornado Harvester Airflow System.

A fully automated and integrated fan system that addresses the problem head on, keeping dirt and debris off hot spots, minimising the chance of your harvester catching fire.

This innovative system has undergone testing and development and is now available for order in time for the 2017 harvesting season.