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The Covers are off the New Mercedes Ute - Aussies register interest in the thousands

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Jan 26, 2018

Mercedes has at last pulled the covers off what just might be the most hotly anticipated commercial vehicle of all time, unveiling its new X-Class ute at a launch event in South Africa.

Mercedes says “the world’s first premium pick-up” has at last arrived.

Australian won't see the ute until early next year that hasn't stopped the enthusiasm with customer enquiry in the thousands according to a Mercedes spokesman.

Mercedes very excited by the unveiling and they are targeting Australia as one of the key markets

Special attention was paid to making Benz’s new ute look wide and tough to ensure it appeals to its toolbox-lugging target market. The lined tub will carry 1.1 tonnes, while braked towing capacity is listed at a maximum 3.5 tonnes, though the latter is only in the V6 variant.

Both four-cylinder models will drive the rear wheels as standard, but a push-button four-wheel drive system can be optioned, and will include low-range and a differential lock.

Entry levels will start in and around the $55,000 mark