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Technology changing Agricuture - Agri Technica leading the way

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Nov 15, 2017

Agriculture is steadily developing into a digitized industry as the limits of engineering progress approach. Increased productivity and efficiency in machines has been achieved for many years by increasing engine power, weight and size, but as manufacturers are forced to operate within limited dimensions and weight specifications, the process of optimizing individual components and systems for additional productivity is almost exhausted.  

It is only through digital change, networking and intelligent equipment that further optimization potential will be found along the entire agricultural value chain. Increasingly, agricultural machines are equipped with intelligent technologies. These are not limited to individual software and hardware products; today, the entire digital infrastructure, such as networks, data on universal data platforms (including from cloud applications and apps on smartphones) are also accessible to our farm machinery. This ongoing process of change, known as digital transformation, is unstoppable in all areas of modern life.

Platform for digital solutions

The Systems & Components special feature at Agritechnica 2017, which takes place at Hanover’s exhibition grounds from 12 to 18 November (preview days on 12 and 13 November), will showcase the systems, modules, components and accessories that are used to manufacture today’s farm machinery. As part of the world's largest trade fair for agricultural technology, the special feature has the motto "Stay connected!" this year, and will also take up the latest trends such as "Digital Transformation”, “Big Data” and the “Internet of Things". Systems & Components will enable a challenging exchange of knowledge between exhibitors and visitors. "Connectivity" is not only the prerequisite for fine-tuning modern, highly complex systems using mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components, but also between man and machine.  

Innovations and solutions from the fields of engines, hydraulics, axles, drive technology, cabins, electronics, spare and wearing parts will all be presented in the special feature, and with experts from about 700 exhibitors present, this presents the ideal platform for exchanging information about trends and solutions from the unstoppable digitization underway in the field of agricultural technology.

Internet of Things & Big Data

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vision for the global infrastructure of the information society. It is intended to network physical and virtual objects, and to allow them to work together by using information and communication techniques. Single, intelligent machines in the field can be turned into so-called co-operative machines by combining several of them together and with the data that manages their operating processes being interchanged. The level of "authority" given to each tractor determines the level of influence it can have on the mutual control system. IoT is already active in the field of agricultural technology through the development of new sensor technology, software products and intelligent, communicating machines.  

Big Data, which is also sometimes called mass data, is often also seen as a collective term for digital technologies. The data obtained from farms is collected, analyzed and structured. Real-time flows of data can directly influence the efficiency of agricultural operation, and the possibilities of integrating big data must be considered in the development of machinery for the agricultural machinery.

The potential of digital transformation in agricultural tech...
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