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South East to stay cold

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Sep 05, 2017

No signs of Spring as we move towards the middle of September for south eastern Australia, we expect high pressure to dominate over southern WA or Great Australian Bight area the next couple of weeks which will allow cold south westerly winds and winter type weather to continue for south eastern Australia and more snow for the alps.

At the same time, warmer weather will start impacting parts of WA including the south west and Perth with predominant winds expected to be in from the east or north east.

Also, we need to watch the Pacific as cool neutral conditions are developing and expected to continue the rest of the year. One of the eight models suggests a La Nina by Summer, however, the Pacific is having very little impact on Australia at the moment with DRY conditions expected to continue through large inland parts especially in QLD and NSW through a large chunk of September.

This Map is thanks to the NAEFS model which goes out to two weeks and we tend to find does well for the majority of the time. This map demonstrates temperature chances (below/average or above average between the period of September 13 til September 20th).

Source - John's Weather