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SA Ram Sales - Pimbena sells 40 to $2,800

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Jul 27, 2017

Les Hamence's Pimbena sold 40 rams yesterday to a top of $2,800 and averaged $1070. Suspiciously there were a few faces missing and not a great looking season had its effect on the sale.

The shape of the top priced late May drop and fibre shown here typifies the Pimbena genetic. This sale topper, 160701 bred by Southrose 130405 (Classic'14 sale $8,000) who in turn was bred by that SuperSire L858 will only add to the huge quality of the flock at his new residence!

ASBV's: YWT 7.3 YFAT 0.1 YEMD 0.5 YCFW 16.0 - 18.3u 3.3sd 17.8cv 0.6pf