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Ridgeway Advance On-property Ram Sale this Wednesday

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Aug 13, 2017

David, Karen and Devon Ridgway will off 148 quality Poll Rams at this year's on-property auction held this Wednesday the 16th of August. Starting at 1 pm the sale is expected to attract a large crowd as Ridgeway advance has created a huge following over the years and can rank itself as one of the leading Poll Merino Studs Australia wide.

Classer Bill Walker goes onto say "Principle David Ridgeway has been in this game for a long time now, selling rams, breeding rams, shearing rams, crutching, watching trends and fads yet has stuck firm with the product which has evolved into the best going ‘round."

"Karen Ridgeway Organiser of E.T., A.I. sponging, CIDR’s, wool samples, test results, advertising, stud bookwork, shearing shed work and four active kids, Karen needs some kind of medal as well!" He said

"Devon Ridgeway can look across two pens of poll rams with sun in his face, testing his parents with cheek, catalogeing rams and notice that two or three are in the wrong group in the third pen. On inspection, there’s no argument. He constantly looks at individual rams (sometimes from 10 metres) and instantly recollects them from a previous classing and lists off the mother’s breeding as well. A rare talent that has no parallel in my time or for anyone else’s in my opinion. We’ve all had to put up with the stud master who bores you to the coffin with useless information from another part of history yet this kid’s observations are far from that and often ‘chilling.’" Walker said

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