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Presidents welcome - Australian Sheep and Wool Show starts later this week

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Jul 09, 2017

While our woolgrowers enjoy some of the best international demand conditions in decades, it has never been more important that our premier, world-class benchmarking event displays the best of the best to our consumers and a growing national and international audience.

The Australian Sheepbreeders’ Association’s continuous improvement through the employment of generations of expert breeding, producing world class elite genetics and innovation has kept us at the forefront of the premium quality that is seeing a steady rise in demand and prices.

At the same time, our sheepmeat producers are enjoying an increased demand for our prime lamb and mutton, both domestically and on the export market.

When we gather each July in the regional centre of Bendigo, we not only celebrate and display the incredible contribution our members make to the industry, but also to the national economy. And we catch up with friends from across the nation.

The hard work and focus on excellence and innovation that has occurred on the nation’s best farms and studs year after year makes the journey from all states to form this annual epicenter of excellence as they compete in the benchmarking show rings and display the entire supply chain.

Through the industry’s good times – and bad – we have never lost focus on what it requires to keep an entire agricultural sector not only viable, strong, growing and at the forefront, but to capture and keep the attention of the world.

This constant striving for excellence has called for an unwavering, consistent and collective approach to that quest. This doesn’t end with the producer’s role, but recognises the crucial value adding we see on the nation’s and the world’s fashion catwalks and the quality of what makes the journey from the paddock to the plate. We also celebrate the woolcrafts from our wonderful spinners and weavers who proudly showcase their exquisite handcrafts.

Year on year, the Australian Sheep and Wool Show attracts a broadening national and international audience.

From July 14 to 16 at Bendigo’s Prince of Wales Showgrounds, the nation’s best farmers will compete for the top championship ribbons; our finest fleeces will be judged; leading wool fashion will be displayed; the growing craft market will form Australia’s largest one-stop fibre market; a major retail shopping precinct comes to life; the excitement of seeing premium stock sales and; prime lamb will be at the centre of its own taste sensation festival.

We also celebrate all of the elements that are vital for the running of our industry - for the first time ever in Bendigo, this year sees the Australian Yard Dog Championships, expert shearers, the agribusinesses and support services that provide vital employment and the ability to deliver to all of our consumers.

But, careful succession planning for the future is also a crucial and central element of our quest.

Showcasing the career and educational opportunities the industry offers for our young people; celebrating the best of our young farmers and agribusiness achievers; junior competitions to ensure the continuity of our international standards; staying ahead of the technologies available and; fostering the innovations that will take us dynamically forward are also an integral part of our event.

And, it’s not just about life on the farm. We need the young designers of the future who will celebrate the use of our premium natural fibre, the young chefs and restaurateurs who will continue to develop our iconic national lamb dish and showcase its popularity across all cultural groups.

Year after year we also welcome our highly valued sponsors whose support ensures we can keep the largest event of its type growing and the spotlight firmly focused on the best of the best.

Major sponsorship partners, Stock & Land, AWTA, Landmark, Elders, RASV, AWI, WFI, City of Greater Bendigo, O’Sullivans Transport and MLA are to be thanked for their continued support.

Join us for a journey to be truly proud of.

Ross McGauchie

President, Australian Sheep Breeders Association