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Podcast - Careers in Ag are changing

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Mar 27, 2018

Technology is changing the way in which we farm across the world, and Dr Terry Griffin, veski Sustainable Agriculture fellow, explains in this podcast how technology is providing opportunities for students, even technology that seem mythical today.

“Don’t give up on some brilliant ideas. Don’t give up on it because technology will catch up even if it seems like it is magic today,” Dr Griffin explained.

Discussing and contemplating technology can be hard and understanding where it fits is complex. Because of this challenge, Dr Griffin is getting his students at Kansas State University to consider technology differently to other more tangible items.

“One of the things that I challenge my students about is the change in paradigm from the way we have been doing things versus the way things will be done in the future.”

And while this all sounds solemn, a career in technology shouldn’t be daunting, as Dr Griffin enjoys the different facets that make up his current role.

“I enjoy almost everything about my career. I enjoy meeting people. I enjoy being able to work with cutting edge technology that didn’t exist even months ago and I enjoy developing new technology that will be used by people.”

And his advice to students is;

“I enjoy just about everything I do and I guess if you’re talking about careers especially to high school or university students, that is important, they have go to enjoy what they do.”

While technology is going to be a big part of the agricultural industry into the future, Dr Griffin explained that the biggest barrier currently to technology uptake it the lack of quality wireless connectivity, which is affecting not only technology uptake in the agricultural industry but affecting other industries also.

“If you have the opportunity to encourage the industry or government to make improvements for wireless connectivity then that is an opportunity for us to make a difference not only to agriculture but rural libraries, hospitals, schools and so forth, but that’s a major barrier.”
This episode is part of the ‘Ag careers in focus’ podcast series aimed to showcase the range of ag careers on offer. It is produced by BCG with funding from the Hugh DT Williamson Foundation.

The podcast can be found below and available on iTunes or SoundCloud by searching Ag careers in focus.

For more information about the podcast series or any questions, please contact the BCG office on 03 5492 2787.

Picture - Dr Terry Griffin