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Oversize loads of baled agricultural commodities

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Oct 05, 2017

In NSW vehicles carrying loads of baled hay, straw, wool and cotton may exceed the statutory width limit of 2.5 metres to a maximum of 2.7 metres.

This initiative was introduced to facilitate the transportation of these loads by allowing for some irregularity in the size of the bales, which tend to expand once loaded onto a vehicle and also during travel. The exemption was developed in close consultation with the Australian fodder, wool, cotton and farming industries.
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Types of Loads

The New South Wales Class 3 Baled Commodities Dimension Exemption Notice 2017 applies to vehicles transporting rectangular cotton bales produced at a cotton gin, baled or rolled hay or straw and baled wool.

It does not apply to round cotton bales and modules.
Types of vehicles

The Notice only applies to vehicles with a gross vehicle mass that exceeds 4.5 tonnes.

Rigid vehicles, prime mover and semi-trailer and B-doubles combinations may have a load width up to 2.7 metres.

Truck and dog trailer, truck and pig trailer and road train combinations may have a load width up to 2.6 metres. AB and B-triples are not eligible to operate under the Notice.
Maximum dimensions

The constructed width of the vehicle must not exceed 2.5 metres.

The load may exceed 4.3 metres, but not more than 4.6 metres in height. The maximum load width is 2.7 metres wide.

The load on a truck and dog trailer, truck and pig or road train must not exceed 2.6 metres in width.

The load on the vehicle must not project more than 100mm from the outermost part of either side of the vehicle.

The load on a vehicle or trailer must not be placed in a way that makes the vehicle unstable or unsafe. The load must be secured so that it is unlikely to fall or be dislodged from the vehicle, and an appropriate method to restrain the load to the vehicle must be used.

The recommended performance sta...
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