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Opinion - Is renewable energy the savior of Rural Australia?

  • By: Dwain Duxson
  • Jul 09, 2017

Opinion -

We had two massive renewable energy projects announced during the week at Jamestown (SA) and Stawell (Vic). Are these project going to save a declining rural lifestyle and re-populate our towns and rural areas with people again?

Declining rural populations has been a reality in most Australian rural shires for many decades now as Farms get bigger and young people move to the city for so-called better opportunities.

The SA project is worldwide news as high-profile battery maker Tesla is involved. Tesla will team up with French renewable energy company Neoen to help South Australia rid itself of some of its power issues which have dogged them in the past and cost them business opportunities

Neoen is also involved in the 56 turbine wind energy project that is going to power the massive greenhouse project that Nectar Farms is undertaking in the Stawell Area.

The combined renewable energy and Farming project in the Stawell area is expected to create around 1300 new jobs.

Could this be the start of a rural revival?