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Ag News

Opinion - Give Truckies a fair go

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Feb 12, 2018

As a business that deals with heavy vehicles every day we just want to say something about heavy vehicles – Trucks – you know – the great lumps of steel that it’s pretty scary to pass in the rain.
 We need trucks, the birdseed and stockfeed we sell is carried from farm to our factory - on a truck. Then a truck takes it to the store - often via a transport depot and another truck. Trucks are on the roads and while people want goods to buy - they will remain that way.

With road deaths up significantly this year heavy vehicles are getting alot of bad publicity. It is usually implied that heavy vehicles are the problem and cause of death and serious injury, with tales of overloading, drugs, overwork. These are issues to discuss and improve - no question - but how about acknowledging the fact that 80% of heavy vehicles crashes are caused by the other vehicle.

So - take the advice from the authorities and slow down, rest on long journeys and respect other road users especially the heavy vehicles doing essential work. And please stop demonising truckies. They are doing a dangerous thankless job and deserve better.

Give them a wave not the finger.

Dennis Ward