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New Solar Farm a boon for the Longreach locals

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • May 28, 2018

By James Walker

It was truly rewarding to launch the Solar farm at Camden Park Station, Longreach, Queensland, Australia this week with contributors from finance to design and development.

With the world surpassing 7 Billion people last year on its way to 10 Billion by 2050 this project shows different ways food, farming and agriculture is supported by farmers and partners to bring sustainable solutions to farming and regional economies.

   * $29 Million project with approximately $4 Million to local content (supporting regional economies)
   * Construction period Under 12 months
   * 17.5 MW [100 acres (36 Hectares)]
   * 53,000 oscillating photo-voltaic panels
   * 0 accidents, injuries and incidents for the duration of the project
   * Western Queensland is a prime location for local talent and radiant energy for further Renewables however infrastructure similar to Arizona / California relationship needed.

Mentions and Applause
During the Inauguration I made presentations to the attendees to thank them for their support and investment in regional communities and presented on behalf of everyone involved a framed photo taken that day by Cameron Laird Photography to signify the importance of large projects like this in stimulating regional economies.

If anyone reading this article is interested in developing large scale solutions for regional communities please drop us a message. We are seeking ideas for hard infrastructure projects (civil and renewables) and soft infrastructure projects (digital) - anything that will turn the flow of people from rural communities to rural communities. More importantly we are looking for partners to make the ideas happen just like the below with this project...... thanks to the following;

Arena, NAB, Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd, Foresight Group, Ergon Energy, RCR, Longreach Regional Council, RAPAD, Canadian Solar, Department of Energy & Water Supply, the State and Federal Government, the Iningai Traditional Custodians and the Institute for Resilient Regions USQ. I'd like to also mention some initiators of the project who could not make the Inauguration namely Shane Mellotte, Daniel Ruoss, Oliver Yates, Paul Hocking, Professor John Cole and Andrew Farrow.

Next Steps
The next target for regional communities is renewable bundles for individual farmers and renewable micro-grids for communities and large regional businesses. I hope those interested can share in the journey and the rewards of transforming regional economies, thanks to the above and all the people involved looking forward to the next steps.