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Mecardo Analysis - Regional Rainfall Update July 2019

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Aug 13, 2019

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By Matt Dalgleish | Source: BOM, Mecardo

Mecardo have created a series of regional rainfall charts across the nation in order to compare the current seasonal rainfall on a monthly basis to the long term average levels and the normal/extreme ranges.

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The July 2019 update can be found here.

Each regional rainfall chart displayed on the update highlights:

· Current season's monthly rainfall trend (orange line)

· Last season's monthly rainfall trend (green line)

· Average monthly trend over 50 years (black dotted line)

· 70% range in monthly rainfall over last 50 years (grey shaded zone)

· 95% range (red dotted line)

· Rainfall within the 70% range would be considered reflective of a relatively normal seasonal pattern

· Movements outside the grey 70% range would suggest a drier (below range) or wetter (above range) than normal season

· Movements outside the 95% range would be considered extreme

The map below shows the seperation of the regional zones.