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Massive day for Chrome Sheep Studs - Gross over $900k

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Oct 17, 2017

Chrome Sheep Studs, Yulecart, Vic held their on-property sale on Thursday and a big sale it was.

Of the 330 Chromedales offered 325 sold to an average of $1861.

Top priced lot was $3700 and sold to Yarram Park, Vic.

They offered 41 Perendales and sold the lot to a top of $2800 and an average of $1722.

44 of the 52 Coopworth Rams sold to an average of $1298 and a top of $2100.

It was a total clearance of the 69 ICON Southies which averaged $1322 and sold to a top of $1700.

It was a total clearance also for the 71 Poll Dorset Rams offered. They sold to an average $1187 and a top of $1600

Overall they offered 563 rams and sold 550, a 98% clearance to an average of $1,651. A fantastic result!

The sale grossed a whopping $908,050

Picture - The setup on Sale day