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Less ugency created a cheaper Lamb market at Hamilton

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Jan 12, 2018

Yarding 32,175
Lambs   32,175
Sheep             0

There was a slightly smaller yarding of 32,175 lambs sold at Hamilton, down 2,386 head. The quality ranged from average to good. The unshorn lambs continued to show more dryness in their skins and less condition as many light plainer lambs were offered with some mixed quality shorn lambs as agents also dealt with the annual weaner cattle sales. Most of the usual buying gallery attended, however some did not operate in a subdued market with less urgency creating a much cheaper trend. Light lambs sold from $5 to $10 lower with some sales up to $15/head easier in isolated sales. Medium and heavy trade weights sold $10 to $15 cheaper and heavy lambs came back $15 to $20/head on last week’s strong sale.

Restocking young lambs sold from $94 to $137 and the lighter 1 score lots made from $24 to $92/head...
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