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Legend Kimberley Pastoralist and Farmer Jack Fletcher dies aged 92

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • May 29, 2018

Veterans of the pastoral industry have paid tribute to pioneering agriculturalist Jack Fletcher, who has died age 92.

Mr Fletcher was a passionate advocate for development northern Australia years before it became government policy.

In the 1970's his company the Australian Land and Cattle Company ran 100,000 head of cattle across seven Kimberley cattle stations.

But it was the Texan's ambitious attempts to develop a food bowl at Camballin that made headlines, including plans to dam the Fitzroy River.

His three-million dollar levy bank eventually washed away in 1983, by the biggest floods seen in the West Kimberley in a century.

His push to dam the Fitzroy made Mr Fletcher a controversial figure, and he repeatedly clashed with government over regulation over development in WA's north.

Mr Fletcher passed away at his home in Perth, leaving behind three sons, ten grandchild, and three great-grandchildren.