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Lambs to $300 again and Sheep $10-$20 dearer at Ballarat

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • May 23, 2019

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Yarding - 31,421 (-1616) .
Lambs - 21,420 (-2007).
Sheep - 10,001(+391).

Lamb numbers eased a little to 21,420 this week at Ballarat. Quality was good, with an excellent penning of heavy and extra heavy lambs. The usual buying group attended and operated in a dearer market, with most making from $5 to $15/head up on last week. Extra heavy lambs again sold to $300/head, with 2 pens equalling the centre record. The medium trade weights made from $192 to $228/head. Feeders and restockers paid from $102 to $170/head for lambs.

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Light weight 2 score lambs weighing 12-18kg sold from $96 to $162/head. Light trade 2 and 3 score lambs, 18-22kg, made from $158 to$199/head to average close to 850c/kg cwt. Medium trade weight 3 and 4 score lambs weighing 22-24kg received from $192 to $228/head, varying from 810c to 920c to average close to 860c/kg cwt. Heavy 3 to 4 score trade weight lambs weighing 24-26 kg sold from $213 to $246/head to average approximately 855c/kg cwt. Heavy export lambs, 30kg plus, sold from $250 to $300/head to average close to 700c/kg cwt. Crossbred hoggets sold from $143 to $205 and Merino hoggets received from $123 to $144/head.

The sheep yarding of 10,001 was up on last week, with quality varying from plain to very good. The usual buying group operated, with urgency to obtain their supplies. Heavy crossbred wethers reached $271, as heavy crossbred ewes reached $256, while heavy Merino wether stopped at $262/head. The general run of sheep sold from firm to $10 dearer, with heavy sheep out to $20/head up on last week and more at times.

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Light weight 1 and 2 score sheep made from $82 to $114/head to an average of 550c/kg cwt. Very light 1 scores sold from $12 to $88/head.Medium weight 2 and 3 score sheep received from $104 to $163/head, varying from 505c to 660c, with Merino mutton averaging approximately 605c/kg cwt. Heavy Merino ewes sold from $149 to $230/head. Heavy Merino wethers made from $145 to $262/head. Medium weights sold from $108 to $148/head, as heavy Merino mutton received from 660c to 680c/kg cwt. Heavy 3 to 5 score crossbred sheep sold from $129 to $256/head to average 630c/kg cwt. Rams made from $14 to $130/head.