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Lamb Finishing Workshop plus more - See all our upcoming events

  • By: Nathan Scott
  • Oct 17, 2017

Lamb Finishing Workshop - Inverleigh, Vic, 24th Oct

This fast paced workshop is specifically designed for those wanting to achieve real lamb performance. Learn the science behind pasture based lamb finishing systems.

$100 + GST per business

Note: this is an evening workshop

Ewe Lamb Management - Inverleigh, Vic 31st Oct, Skipton, Vic 2nd of Nov

Get ahead of the pack by understanding how ewe lamb selection, management and joining fits as part of your whole farm business plan. Is this strategy for you? Understand the critical factors for success. This workshop will deliver the most up to date information in this rapidly developing area of sheep management and production.

$200 + GST per business 

Strategic Parasite Control - Inverleigh, Vic 8th Nov, Skipton, Vic 9th Nov

Lice and worms can bring unstuck all of your good nutrition and management if they aren't part of your planning. Don't waste resources by unnecessarily carrying passengers on or in your sheep. Learn how to manage these common issues proactively using an integrated approach. Reduce costs and increase production.

$200 + GST per business 

Ram Health & Joining Management - Shelburn, Vic 21st Nov, Skipton, Vic 23rd Nov

Get a jump on joining-ram health, selection and productivity. Understand how to manage your ram teams for success. This is where it all starts. Are your rams fit, healthy and allocated to the right ewes? Go into joining with confidence this year knowing that you have done everything you can to get it right.

$200 + GST per business.

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