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Kurralea White Suffolk and Poll Dorset's $1605 average

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Oct 03, 2017

Buyers from four states competed actively for the great offering of 312 Poll Dorset, White Suffolk and Suffolk rams at the Prentice family’s 20th anniversary Kurralea on-property sale, Ariah Park, NSW last Tuesday (26th September).

Consequently, the result saw another total clearance, topping at $18,000 and averaging $1605. The average was up $178 and the top was up $5000 on last year, but because of the season rapidly deteriorating in the region through lack of late winter/spring rain the Prentice family offered 48 fewer rams than they did during the very wet 2016 sale period.

Following great success at the Adelaide Show early in September, and more recently at the Melbourne Royal, which was completed less than two days before the sale where they were most successful White Suffolk exhibitor and most successful Poll Dorset ram exhibitor, a predictable increase in stud ram demand eventuated. Four Poll Dorset rams, plus one White Suffolk all exceeded $10,000.

It was the fourth ram offered in the opening Poll Dorset stud ram draft that topped the sale at $18,000. This was Kurralea 160165 Twin that was champion ram at Adelaide Royal this year. Backing his judgment, it was Adelaide judge, Tim Ferguson, Mallee Park stud, Hopetoun who was the winning bidder. Buying through Landmark Birchip, he bid on the phone to get the ram that had impressed him so much. With outstanding phenotype, its balanced Lambplan figures were just as impressive, including 17.4 Pwwt, -1.1 Pfat, 1.0 Pemd, culminating in a Carcase Plus index of 205.

Its twin brother and winning pair mate from Adelaide sold one lot later for $11,000, going to Mary Burzacott and Michael Emerey, Mulgundawa stud, via Kingston in SA. They later added another ram by the same sire, Kurralea 130068, for $2750.

Charles Rowett, bidding for his parents, Clayton and Andrea Rowett, Ulandi Park stud, Marrabel, SA was the purchaser of the next ram offered, Kurralea 160234, sired by Aberdeen 140757 for the sale’s second top price of $15,000. This ram was the first prize winner in the May drop class at both Adelaide and Melbourne Royals and went on to also be Reserve Senior Champion at Melbourne. Beautifully balanced and very structurally correct, the Rowetts had their eye on the ram after first seeing it at Adelaide. With a Pwwt EBV of +16.4 and C+ index of 200, its genotype was just as impressive as its visual excellence.
The Hausler family, Janmac stud, Goroke, Vic took a 25% semen share in this ram, then solely purchased Kurralea 160435, the Adelaide Reserve Champion ram for $12,000. Tremendously powerful and with outstanding muscling, including an EBV of 2.1, this top son of Warburn 140097 created a lot of pre-sale interest.

Sammon Bros, Bungeet, Vic went to $8000 on the 140kg sale opener, K160139 and then added K160053 for $5000 to be prominent on the buying list, while Keith Ladyman & Jill Clarke, Dumbledee stud, Katanning, WA and D & L Banks, Mt Mercer, Vic both outlaid $6000 for top rams early in the sale.

Ballantyne Ag, Millicent, SA; Mt Hercules Pastoral Co, Wallendbeen, NSW; and Bowen Partnership, Yoeval, NSW all purchased two Poll Dorset stud rams each in the high value range of $2500 to $3500. The 26 catalogued Poll Dorset stud rams averaged a very credible $5010.

In the White Suffolk stud ram offering, value buying was more the norm, but one ram stood out above the others in price. Kurralea 160182 at 137kg impressed many, selling for $11,000 to a syndicate, headed by Andrew Hiscock, Brurob, Kilmore, Vic with the Donnan family, Anden stud, Woomelang, Vic a semen partner. With a Pwwt of 17.5, Pfat of -0.4, Pemd of 1.4 and Carcase Plus index of 207, it was the outstanding performance ram in the offering.

The second top price was only $4500, paid by Conapaira White Suffolks, Rankin Springs, NSW for the reserve champion ram at the just completed Melbourne Royal, where it was also in the winning interbreed trifecta pen of three rams for the White Suffolk breed. They also purchased another at $3000, while Clover Valley White Suffolks, Stuart Mill, Vic paid $4000 and $2500 for two stud rams in real value buying. The 16 catalogued White Suffolk stud rams averaged $2953.

Thirty five of the 72 registered bidders were successful purchasers on the large and impressive flock ram drafts of 132 rams in the two main breeds, plus the first time offering of six Suffolk rams.

Again, the most dominant volume buyer was Justin Campbell, representing Australian Food Ag, through Elders Deniliquin. They purchased 42 Poll Dorsets to $1300 and 67 White Suffolks to $1200; their combined total of 109 rams averaging $1041.

Based on the very positive results their clients are consistently achieving with Kurralea genetics, Greg Moncrieff, Moncrieff Condobolin has supported this sale for a very long time, this year being no exception. Collectively his five registered clients purchased 27 top end rams, paying to $2000 and averaging $1570. These clients are always prepared to grab any value rams from the stud drafts, including six this year. W & L Ramsey with eight Poll Dorsets and one White Suffolk at a $1678 average, and McDonald Bros with eight White Suffolks at a $1675 average were the most prominent of the Moncrieff clients.

Poinsette Pty Ltd, Coolaman (12 Poll Dorset rams average $1983); CW Mattiske & Co, Temora (11 Poll Dorset rams ave $2018); R & R Nisbet, Karamah (10 Poll Dorset rams ave $1680); Foylewood Farming Co, Ariah Park (10 Poll Dorsets ave $1520); and Baronlonga Pastoral, West Wyalong (10 White Suffolks ave $970) were all double figure buyers and the most prominent amongst the other flock ram buyers.

The 132 Poll Dorset flock rams averaged a very strong $1409, achieved very much on the back of the first run of 72 that averaged $1624. The second run of 60 Poll Dorsets averaged $1152. By comparison the first run of 72 White Suffolks provided super value and averaged just $1011, while the last run of 60 actually averaged a little more at $1023 as buyers competed more strongly near the end in an effort to get their required numbers.

The Prentices also offered 6 Suffolk rams in the middle of the sale for the first time and these all cleared at $800 each.

Sale Summary:
26 Poll Dorset stud rams sold to $18,000 and averaged $5010
132 Poll Dorset flock rams sold to $2000 and averaged $1409
Overall 158 Poll Dorsets averaged $2002

16 White Suffolk stud rams sold to $11,000 and averaged $2953
132 White Suffolk flock rams sold to $1700 and averaged $1017
Overall 148 White Suffolks averaged $1215

6 Suffolk rams all sold at $800 each.

Overall Sale: 312 rams averaged $1605

Sale gross - $500,760

Picture - $18,000 top priced ram at the Kurralea Poll Dorset and White Suffolk ram sale are GTSM’s Michael Glasser, Kim Prentice, Elders Territory sales manager, Will Stoddart, Wagga and Lucy and Ben Prentice. The ram was purchased via phone hook-up by Tim Ferguson, Mallee Park, Hopetoun, Vic.