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Ag News

King Island abattoir approved

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Jan 20, 2018

Development of a beef abattoir on King Island has received council approval.

Evans Agribusiness Trading group submitted a plan for an export abattoir and associated infrastructure at Grassy Road, Lymwood.

King Island Council acting general manager Robert Ball approved the application, after council was unable to reach quorum for a vote at their ordinary meeting on Tuesday.

The proposal indicates the EAT beef stock abattoir will produce meat, offal and by-products, equating to about 10,000 tonnes per year.

“Within 5 years, the export abattoir anticipated exporting 75% of production, equating to 6000 tonnes of meat annually with an estimated value of $84M,” a council spokesperson said.

“Having an abattoir on the island should decrease costs for our beef producers... and remove risks to animal welfare inherent in live shipping of cattle to Tasmanian abattoirs.”

The spokesperson said approval contains a number of conditions, including measures imposed by Environment Protection Authority Tasmania.

A wastewater treatment plant will treat all wastewater generated on the subject site.

Solid organic waste material from meat processing, including fat, bone and remnant organic waste material from the slaughter process will be processed into meat-meal and tallow in a dry rendering plant on-site.

Five councillors including David Bowling, Royce Conley, Megan Chivers and David Munday were excluded from voting on the proposal, after they declared a pecuniary interest in the outcome.

Only two councillors remained and a council vote could not proceed.

The proposal was advertised in September last year.

About 10 people submitted feedback on the plan, and an appeal can be lodged with the Resource Management Planning Appeals Tribunal within the next 14 days.

The tick of approval comes after the King Island community raised $600,000 for development of a multi-species abattoir.