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Kerin Poll buys Boonoke Poll Ram for $46,000 - Watch the bidding unfold here

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Sep 13, 2017

Kerin Poll Merino is thrilled to have just purchased Lot 1 at the Poll Boonoke Ram Sale, Deniliquin! Purchased for $46,000. This new 123kg 20.4-micron stud sire, PB160540, features terrific ASBVs of +8.8 for Yearling Weight (YWT), and +35 for Yearling Clean Fleece Weight (YCFW).

Data details: Sire PB130020; FD 20.4; SD 3.1; CV 15.2; CF 99.7; BWt 122.5; EMD 40; Fat 6.5; YFD -1.304; YCFW 35.172; YWT 8.784; YEMD -0.432; YFAT -0.516; MP+ 182.05; DP+ 178.04

Click on the video above to watch how the bidding unfolded