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Is your Seeder ready to give you the best result?

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Feb 21, 2018

To all broadacre farmers. A high priority needs to go toward setting up for seeding which begins very soon. It's time to order ground engaging tools and parts to replace any worn out parts on your seeder.

Give thought to what did not work well during last years seeding program. Worn points or closer plates will result in an inferior seeding job. Use of an inferior seeding boot or no seeding boot at all will result in you having little control over seeding depth with seed going too deep in heavy soil area’s and shallow in lighter soil areas of your paddock.

Press Wheels can push seed deeper if a firm seedbed is not prepared by a sufficiently aggressive closing tool.

The tension of your tyne springs should be checked. If shallow seeding depth occurs in heavy soils, over time these springs may lose their rated tension. They are cheap to replace & will return your seeder to its original breakout tension.
Many farmers are moving to wider row spacing and the range of paired row seeding boots that are now available do give many agronomic advantages. If you are thinking about these, look around at what is working locally and try a few on one or both ends of your bar before ordering a full set if you need extra justification.

David Humphris can help you get the best seeding result possible and offers a free first up phone consultation. David has been in the game for 20 plus years

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The higher uptake of precision and disc seeders as the no-till/zero-till seeding system for our broadacre crops further develops, these machines also require a complete check over of all components to ensure they perform to expectations.
Later we will discuss the other machines which also contribute to a successful and trouble-free seeding program. Also, seeder setup, calibration & levelling, etc, needs to be revisited every year before the seeder starts.