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Infrastructure challenges in vital red meat expansion

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Mar 15, 2018

The Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) has today (8 March 2018) released a report that confirms the need to address infrastructure challenges and a tactical approach to reducing technical barriers to trade.

Independent Chair of RMAC, Mr Don Mackay, said the Meat Industry Strategic Plan 2020 Mid-Term Achievements Report shows an industry leading the way despite mounting global headwinds.

“The report clearly demonstrates we are on track to achieve $6.5 billion growth of a targeted $7 billion in growth under the MISP2020.”

“As an industry of 75,000 businesses and over 400,000 direct and indirect jobs worth $18 billion to the Australian economy, we know how important it is for industry to be proactive about future risks and opportunities.”

“Consumer sentiment remains extremely positive for Australian beef, sheepmeat and goatmeat, with 24 per cent of Australians willing to pay more to buy Australian beef and Australian lamb.”

Mr Mackay said despite industry working strategically – more needs to be done by the Federal Government to allow industry to achieve its collective goals and set the next ambitious target for Australia’s $18-billion-dollar red meat industry. He said that globally, 24 per cent of customers place Australian beef as their first preference and 26.5 per cent prefer Australian lamb.

“This demonstrates that, as ever, our industry continues to punch above its weight in the global marketplace,” Mr Mackay said.

“What we need is a refocus on the things that put money back into Australia’s 75,000 red meat businesses, many of which represent modest government investment and policy reform,” Mr Mackay said.

“This includes broad-scale infrastructure improvement through the National Freight & Supply Chain Strategy, which we fear will be silent on the needs of Australian agribusinesses. These priorities including the Government establishing a top-level task force to reduce our $3.4-billion technical trade bill and critical intervention in Australia’s red meat productivity rates.”

“Despite the diligent work of our nine MISP partners, which continue to deliver for Australia’s 75,000 red meat and livestock businesses, we still need some fundamentals addressed by the Federal Government.”

The Mid-Term Achievements Report is a summary of key findings of the MISP2020 Progress Report and shows the Australian red meat and livestock industry – through the nine MISP2020 partners is on track to meet 85 per cent of their targets with a projected outcome of $6.5 billion of a targeted $7 billion in growth by 2030.

Highlights in market, research, industry engagement, policy and advocacy have been identified against key MISP2020 strategic areas of Consumer & Community Support, Market Growth & Diversification, Supply Chain Efficiency & Integrity, Productivity & Profitability and Leadership & Collaborative Culture.

Mr Mackay thanked the nine MISP2020 partners for their contributions.

“Thanks must go in particular to our three industry service providers – the Australian Meat Processing Corporation (AMPC), the Australian Livestock Export Corporation (LiveCorp) and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) for continuing to generate world-class research and programs; and to RMACs six members for their tireless work in industry engagement, policy and advocacy.”

“This Mid-Term Achievements Report shows us what can be done when we work better together. We look forward to building on this work for bigger outcomes for our industry.”

Mr Mackay added “Industry work is constantly being confused with government intervention, from market studies to Senate inquiries, to promoting the right policy settings for matters as basic as productivity and adoption.”

“It’s time the Federal Government delivered on their government’s focus on cutting red tape and ask now, and into the future, government come to the table to help drive our wonderful industry forward.”

The MISP2020 Mid-Term Achievements Report can be viewed below and those interested in the next development of the Aussie red meat industry’s strategic road map can be sent to