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Guano Liquid Gold with KMS® leading the charge

  • By: John Jasher
  • Sep 05, 2017


IN an age where a grower’s time is stretched to capacity already, anything that can provide a convenient and effective solution to fertilising crops is welcome.

This is very much the goal of Guano Australia’s range of products. Leading the charge is Guano Liquid Gold with KMS® Fertiliser.

Guano Liquid Gold with KMS® Fertiliser offers a special blend of phosphorus and calcium derived from seabird guano combined with potassium, magnesium and sulphur to enhance photosynthesis, energy transfer and assist in the formation of sugars and starches for plant protein development and cell division.

This makes it particularly effective for vegetable and fruit production.

The silica component is important to improve the plant’s response and resistance to biotic and abiotic stress such as disease, insects, heat and cold.

One of the stand-out attributes to the product is its availability to be used for both conventional and organic production.

Guano Liquid Gold with KMS® Fertiliser is Australian Organic Registered Farm Input. It is suitable for fertigation, foliar application & Aerial spreading containing surfactant to assist in foliar application.

Guano Liquid Gold with KMS® Fertiliser also contains a range of trace minerals including useful levels of zinc and manganese.

Guano Liqu...
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