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GrainGrowers give an overview on Grain imports

  • By: "Prime" Ag News
  • Jun 12, 2019

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Grains imports to Australia overview. 
Across cropping communities there has been much discussion and debate on the matter of grains and grain products being imported into Australia. GrainGrowers would like to provide further information for growers about this important issue.

• The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has issued several import permits for bulk wheat from the Canadian west coast since 14 May 2019. These cargoes will be discharged in New South Wales and transferred to the Manildra Group’s Shoalhaven plant.

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• GrainGrowers and the Australian grains industry understands the importance of trade. Indeed, Australian grain farmers generate around $12 billion annually in export earnings for the national economy. The Australian grains industry works with the Australian government to actively remove trade barriers in overseas markets where we seek to export.

• GrainGrowers does not oppose the importation of grains or processed grain products on the strict condition that biosecurity is not compromised. Whole and processed grains imports pose a high biosecurity risk as these can be a direct pathway for the introduction and spread of exotic pests and diseases that can harm humans, animals, crops and the environment.

• Australia’s grain import permit and protocol system is administered by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. It is the responsibility of the Department to ensure that any grain imports do not compromise Australia’s biosecurity.

• GrainGrowers, along with other industry groups have been in regular contact with the Department and have reinforced the position that biosecurity requirements around grain imports must be robust.

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• Correspondence between GrainGrowers and the Department around grains imports can be viewed via

• The Department recently provided a detailed response to import concerns raised by GrainGrowers. Their correspondence contains detailed information on the extensive and robust protocols required by any business importing grains via

• The Department’s website has in-depth information that may answer many questions growers have via

• The devastating drought that impacted harvests in eastern states during 2018 led to tight local supplies. Consumers across eastern Australia have sought alternative supplies from Western Australia and overseas.

• This situation highlights the need for a publicly available source of grain stocks information in Australia. GrainGrowers continues its call for the establishment of a National Grain Stocks register.

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• Grain has been imported to Australia previously. The last shipment was approximately ten years ago. This occurred without any biosecurity incident.

For further information please contact GrainGrowers at or telephone (02) 9286 2000.