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GrainCorp to improve customer experience

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Sep 05, 2017

GrainCorp is simplifying its business structure through the creation of a single Grains business unit from the existing Storage & Logistics and Marketing businesses.

GrainCorp Managing Director & CEO Mark Palmquist said the company had been speaking with many grain growers and buyers to get the clearest possible understanding of their requirements in the modern, competitive marketplace.

“Customer feedback has been clear: we need to make our customer experience more consistent, to reflect the steady evolution of their needs since deregulation,” Mr Palmquist said.

“The modern grower is sharply focused on marketing opportunities and maximising the value of their grain, while processors are becoming more demanding about the specific functional characteristics they require. This change will mean we are better able to strategically target and create value opportunities for our customers.”

Streamlining grains operations will deliver multiple benefits:
  1. GrainCorp’s grower customer performance will improve and the company will be more competitive at the farm gate;
  2. Moving to a single point of contact will make the company easier to do business with;
  3. GrainCorp will be more competitive against its integrated global competitors; and
  4. Open access to GrainCorp’s network will continue, ...
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