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Ag News

Grain Bin collapses in Nebraska US

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Feb 06, 2018

Between $4 million and $5 million worth of corn was left sitting on the ground in Edison after Ag Valley's biggest grain bin on that site collapsed.

Nearly 1.1 million bushels of corn can be seen in a mountain of a pile, and easily noticeable from about a half mile away driving south down Highway 136.

Company officials tell NTV News nobody was injured when this happened. They say an employee checked the bin at about 8:30pm Sunday finding no issues. A half hour later, a passerby noticed the damage.

"Yeah, we're extremely fortunate," said Ag Valley interim manager Jeff Krejdl. "If it would have happened this morning, we were planning on unloading this bin this morning, so we would have had people and trucks literally all the way around this so we would have had a lot more than property loss. So we're grateful we can easily replace this bin and fix the property loss."

The cause of the collapse won't be known until some of the corn and debris is removed. Officials say this will cause issues at harvest time but Ag Valley hopes to have another bin in place by the end of this year's harvest.