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Glendemar MPM Ram Sale Preview

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Sep 22, 2017

Ram Sale - 4th of October at 3pm - 130 Poll & Horn Rams

We will present 130 Poll and Horn Rams, straight out of the paddock and with current ASBV's.  We have added the top 1% to this years catalogue with some great numbers coming through.  Rams look in great order and with the current wool, lamb, mutton and surplus sheep markets all providing great returns, it is a great time to be in Merino's.

You will notice in the rams sale catalogue and the breeding objective document that we are selecting for Post Weaning (200-220 days) traits for growth, muscle and fat.  This is different to the industry where most of the figures are quoted at Yearling (300-330 days).  We believe that Post Weaning is more of a sweet spot for wether lamb turn off and ewe lamb joining's.  Combined with high muscle and fat we are seeing that our sheep are maturing earlier, hitting their mature weight earlier and then maturing into 70-75 kg ewes.  

We have updated our breeding objective in the past few month.  Our original breeding objective was done in 2011 and we have made some terrific progress in that time.  The pleasing thing is that all traits are moving forward at a similar rate.  We are proving that with a balanced focus on key traits we can continue to make good progress with productivity traits, but more importantly on traits that also save money and perform under adverse environments.  We have calculated our genetic gain over the past 5 years and believe that the targets we have set for 2017 are very achievable.  Never before have I been more confident in the progress we can make with a combination of ASBV's, subjective classing, DNA testing, individual animal testing, artificial insemination and embryo transfer.  Moving into the 2018 breeding program we have 1300 ram breeding ewes that have some g...
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