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Getting greater exposure with Angus SemenSELECT

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Aug 23, 2017

A timely addition to the Angus SaleSELECT™ tool has been announced by Angus Australia, with the release of its companion tool Angus SemenSELECT™. This interface makes it even easier for breeders of Angus cattle to search for and find the semen most suitable to their breeding programs. Almost 50% of registered Angus calves are the result of AI, making the selection of semen sires very important to the rate of genetic progress in individual herds and the breed.

‘Users of Angus SaleSELECT™ will quickly master Angus SemenSELECT™ as the interfaces share many features in common,’ said Liz Roan, Education Officer at Angus Australia.  ‘It’s a two-step process. First, users choose the catalogue or catalogues of interest, or search across all catalogues, and then they refine their search by applying extra selection criteria to the sires.’

Sires can be selected on a range of criteria such as registration status, colour and number of progeny, along with pedigree, genetic test results and EBVs. Minimum and maximum values can be applied to any of the Angus Selection Indexes or EBVs, along with cutoffs for accuracy or percentile bands.

‘The best thing about this tool is that you can use it to search across ALL semen catalogues at once’ said Liz. ‘You don’t need to know who is storing or selling the semen, instead, you can search all of the semen lots currently available for sale, refining your search us...
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