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Get your Stud on "Prime"

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Jul 20, 2017

The Farm Tender "Prime" Offer board is the perfect place to be advertising your Sheep or Cattle Stud. Both Cattle and Sheep numbers at a commercial level have shrunk alot over the last 5 years meaning the competition is fever pitch for the businesses throughout the country selling seed stock. So every customer counts and because it's a competitive market, every lead counts.

The "Prime" offer board is a way for Studs to promote to a targeted audience. For their free listing, all they have to do is offer an "incentive to buy" to 22,750 potential customers. Some example might include:
  • Offer a discount on their invoice if they spend more than $7,500 at your on-property Bull or Ram sale
  • Make one Bull or Ram free for every 6 private sales they buy
  • Offer out free freight
  • Offer a discount on their semen purchases if the buy 50 doses or more from a particular Bull or Ram
  • Be innovative and imaginative and you will come up with something to get more customers buying your seed stock

For more information on "Prime" contact Dwain Duxson on 0427 011 900 or