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First look at new automated Seeder

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Jul 03, 2017

A Canadian company is currently testing its new DOT Automated Seeder. It is expected to be doing commercial work on real Farms by 2018.

DOT is a diesel-powered, hydraulically driven platform equipped to carry any implement designed as DOT Ready™. Four lift-points lift the implement directly onto DOT’s U-shaped structure, enabling DOT and the implement to become one unit. DOT then functions as a power platform that is programmed to move and do specific jobs autonomously or by remote control

DOT’s short- and long-range sensors make the power platform more accurate and attentive than any human.

DOT constantly updates itself with images of the physical world around itself and processes the data at lightning speed. Capable of making decisions, DOT will send alerts to the farmer if it is unsure how to proceed.

DOT is 3.6m wide (transport width)

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An Australia operation called Swarm Farm is doing something very similar with the same sort of concept of small machines and lots of them. Swarm Farms seems to be more focussed on automated spraying

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