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Dr Alex Ball's new role with Herefords Australia

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Jul 03, 2017

Dr Alex Ball will take on a newly created role of manager of research and technical implementation for Herefords Australia. Ball quit his post as CEO after losing confidence in the society's board. Ball announced he would quit the CEO post back in April but stayed on until the end of June and will roll over into his new position in the new financial year.

In a shuffle of the deck chairs former development manager Andrew Donoghue has been appointed general manager which replaces the CEO role

There have been some changes at board level with Bill Kee, Warringa Hereford Stud, Yarram (Vic) taking over as chairman. Mr Kee who has 35 years of experience as a lawyer said he wanted to "return stability and confidence to the Board, Management, Staff, and Members and to ensure that Herefords hold a strong and respected position in the beef industry."

Scott Hann, Truro Whiteface, Bellata (NSW) was elected to the role of vice chairman, while a newly formed finance, audit, and risk committee was created, with director Tony Haggarty of Tamworth NSW to act as Chairman.

Directors include Geoff Birchnell, Tim Burvill, Steve Crowley, Bruce Gunning, Tony Haggarty, Scott Hann, Kevin Hillsdon, Bill Kee, Hillary O’Leary, Pat Pearce, Anne Starr, and Trish Worth