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Digital Ag advertising done differently

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Aug 11, 2017

Farm Tender "Prime" Offers is bringing Agricultural advertising into the digital age.

Advertising in the Ag space has traditionally been confined to state based and local newspapers and magazines

Under the new system, Ag Companies can list their new products and services for free in exchange for an "incentive to buy" to our customers. That incentive might come in the form of a discount, waived fee, buy six get one free, discount for bulk, etc. This is where companies can use their imagination to make their new products and services stand out from the crowd and their competitors.

Currently, "Prime" Offers is free for all our 23,000 plus Farm Tender members but the intention is to soon turn it into a subscription based service for our members. The subscription fee would be monthly, relatively small and would have to offer much value to the subscriber.

Farm Tender would also come to the party with discounts on commission invoice.

"Prime" Offers has a separate platform to Farm Tender which brokers mainly Used Machinery, Grain, Hay, Livestock, Trucks, Used Livestock Equipment, Used Trucks & Trailers. "Prime" Offers attacks the things that Farmers spend their money on most. Things like:
* New Machinery & Equipment
* Fuel
* Fertiliser
* Chemical
* Stud Sheep & Cattle
* New Sheds
* New Irrigation Equipment
* Contracting Services
* New Vehicles & Motorbikes
* Animal Health
* New Fencing
* New Trucks & Trailers
* Insurance
* Finance
* New Tyres
* Plus more

Prime will soon be available on the Farm Tender App and we also have an Ag News service attached to the platform.

We are also looking to add other things to the "Prime" platform that will add value to the subscriber's experience.

One that could be released soon is a "Prime" Ag Buying Group, which would be a platform where Farmers could nominate what new items or Farm inputs they wish to purchase and in what month. They would then be matched with other Farmers who were looking for the same or similar items to potentially make a group purchase. More on this later

For more info go to or call Dwain Duxson 0427 011 900 or Raleigh Duxson 0402 024 409 or