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Data and analytics coming to the Feedlot as Cargill and PLA partner

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Nov 15, 2017

(MINNEAPOLIS) November 8, 2017 - Cargill and Performance Livestock Analytics, Inc. (PLA) are partnering to bring new data analytics to cattle production. PLA’s Performance Beef™ is now enhanced with the Cargill MAX® system for beef, creating an advanced and more robust feedlot system, Performance Beef™ MAX®. This new version is exclusive to Cargill and its customers. Performance Beef™ MAX® leverages real-time feed ration information, backed by growth models from Cargill Animal Nutrition, to help farmer-feeders and feedlots introduce greater performance predictability and improved efficiency into their feeding program.

“We are excited for the opportunity to bring the power of real-time data analytics and performance prediction to the industry,” said Duane Theuninck, director of feedlot nutrition, Cargill Animal Nutrition. “Combining our MAX® system with the Performance Beef™ platform creates a unique and proprietary set of tools that will empower producers to know more about cattle feed efficiency and performance with unprecedented accuracy and ease of use.”

Livestock producers run on competitive margins. The Performance Beef™ MAX® software application provides the automation and the decision analytics needed to help Cargill customers become more successful cattle feeders. Cargill customers can now completely automate data input and collection of their feeding programs interfaced with Cargill’s MAX® feeding system. These enhancements save time, increase accuracy, and improve cattle performance. Performance Beef™ MAX® utilizes the automated on-farm data and growth modeling to create accurate, easy to use performance reports resulting in more informed and timely decisions regarding diet changes, feeding protocol, and market timing.

“The experience of our in-house staff of farmers, computer, and data scientists allowed Performance Livestock Analytics to develop Performance Beef™ into a scalable, high-performance solution that automates data collection and provides real-time analytics,” said PLA’s CEO Dane Kuper. “Partnering with Cargill Animal Nutrition gives our customers more options and shows the power and flexibility of the Performance Beef platform. The predictive performance analytics of Performance Beef™ MAX® gives cattle feeders the information they need to optimize feeding and marketing of their cattle.”

The Performance Beef™ platform is a leading business operating system in the livestock industry. The software subscription service helps livestock producers automate their feed process and eliminates tedious data entry. Performance Beef™ MAX® unlocks decision an...
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