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Dan Muenster says Goats are making Western NSW prosperous again

  • By: Dwain Duxson
  • Jul 10, 2017

I'm not much of a TV watcher, but I got a tip-off yesterday that there would be a story on Dan and Sally Muenster, "Congarrara," Bourke, NSW and their thriving Goat operation on 60 Minutes.

I am glad I watched, as it was a Bush success story and one that was created from hardship.

Dan and his right-hand man Greg Simmonds muster Goats throughout the Western Country of NSW. Dan, in his chopper and Greg, on the ground, together they go to properties mustering the feral animal.

Goats have been a great source of secondary income for Sheep and Cattle producers and opportunity Croppers in the Western division for a long time, until now. Now with Goat prices at an all time high and Australia turning itself into the biggest Goat exporter in the world, Graziers out West are taking them seriously. So much so that they are not the secondary income in alot of cases, they are the main one.

Dan did quote on 60 Minutes that the humble goat has been the revival of the Western Country and that is great news.

Well done