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Cups on cups off course helping reduce mastitis costs

  • By: Farm Tender "Prime"
  • Dec 12, 2017

Gippsland dairy farmers wondering if they should sign up for Cups On Cups Off courses should listen to what Peter Jennings has to say.

The Bruthen dairy farmer sent two of his employees to a course in Orbost and was taken aback by the results. “I can’t believe how reinvigorated they are after this course,” he said. “They now want to do things, not only properly, but even better than before. I can’t believe we had such a good result.”
GippsDairy’s Cups On Cups Off (COCO) courses have one overriding goal: to help farmers and milking teams become better skilled in routine practices to manage milk quality and reduce the risk of mastitis.

Mastitis and milk quality affect the bottom line of all dairy farms, with every case of clinical mastitis costing at least $270 in treatment costs and lost milk.
Dairy Australia has done research that shows 90 per cent of farms where mastitis was a major problem reported significant improvements after doing the COCO course.

To find out more about future COCO courses contact GippsDairy on 03 5624 3900